Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jay & Paul go at it and Taylor takes on Master Mrs Bennett.

A little bit of light comedy....

Taylor tries her best to make Master Mrs Bennett dizzy ...and Master Mrs Bennett demonstrates her version of a sailor's hornpipe to Taylor..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Board Breaking 03/27/2010

Last Saturday I had my first two hour , board breaking class.

I approached it with a little trepidation. After all, according to one of my instructors, Mr Heckman (who, don't get me wrong, has my deepest respect), my hips don't move and he has no fear of my 'short, stubby, legs' hitting him as they aren't getting above my waist yet. :-)

When the moment finally came, I did miss on my first few attempts as apparently I was trying to push the board.

Than I heard Master Bennett's voice in my head, doing a sort of Master Po moment 'Kick past the board Little Grasshopper, kick past the board.' Oh, and Lori yelling 'Get mad!!' :-)

At that moment everything in the room faded, including the board and the black belts holding it ...all I saw was the back wall ..which was what I was aiming for.

Master are right. If you aim past the board ..if you treat the board as if it's not even there ...your foot will go through it like a knife through butter...even if you are an old granny :-) Just imagine what that kick would have done to an attackers knee cap !!

A very special moment indeed.

Photos from board breaking class. Click on to enlarge. Sorry, some of them do have blur. Right click to download photo to your computer.

Taylor .. I clicked a little too soon and missed capturing the actual break.

Wendell splitting the board...

Shannon, just after she had broken her board. You can see it in pieces. That was one powerful kick.

Darla measuring her kick. I missed her break. Awesome job for someone who has just started her training !!

Beau going for his break..

Jay's foot heading for the board !!



GONE !!! Deena's awesome kick and break !!!

Would you really want to mess with this girl?? :-)

Darah's kick and break... very cool !!

Oscar's kick .. look at that height !!

Paul nails it..

Schuyler's board just before it breaks can see it starting to bend..

Kevin Jr turns his board into a foot sandwich..

Jessica goes for it..

Great kick, Mathew. He broke his board just after I snapped this..

Taylor on her way to her break..

Jenna hits the spot..

Mathew chambering for his kick..

A focused Yamilet..

Yamilet's board starting to bend before the break..

Jillian breaks her board :-)

Master Bennett giving final instructions to an attentive (R to L) ?, Mathew, Jenna, Jillian, Yamilet, Talor, Gelsey, Mathew, ?..

Well..there is no denying legs are short and stubby. However, if I'm not mistaken, that sidekick is heading for waist level !! :-)