Thursday, April 1, 2010

Images From Reno Region 2 Tournament

Drew Davies, Dr Hahn, Joel Leeming ..

Kurt Golgart, Dr Hahn and Joel Leeming. I was standing on a chair so I could take photos over people's heads. I have a slight fear of heights, so I was a bit wobbly. Dr Hahn seems to be giving me that 'What are you doing up there, woman ??' look. :-)

Grand Master Shin , Ilin Rocovits, Zharayah Ewool...

Jenna smelling her rose ..

'A rose amongst the thorns' - Jillian :-) Not that I'm saying those other kids are thorns !!!

Jillian posing proudly with her rose ...

Bryson and Gelsey. Grand Master Shin, Dr Hahn, Joel and Kurt in the background..

Danni Zavidil sings the US National Anthem. John Zavidil and Master Mrs Bennett..

Kevin Comstock Sr and his Mum, watch a belt presentation..

Master Mr Bennett in the line up...

Grand Master Shin accepting a rose from ?? . Master Bennett watching.

Grand Master Shin. Master Bennett.